iP2PGlobal Platform is the first shariah compliant peer-to-peer cryptocurrency financing platform for the global markets

Borrowers can apply for both unsecured and secured financing through the iP2PGlobal Platform by staking TWQ Tokens

Our Mission

iP2PGlobal Cryptocurency Financing Platform aims to re-shape personal financing by introducing Shariah compliant financing products to individuals worldwide. In fact, cryptocurrency financing is trending and thriving in the financial sector. This has dramatically increased the cryptocurrency trading in recent years.  The emergence of top-performing trading robots like Bitcoin Superstar is also a reason for this sudden surge in trading. Even if this is the case, traders are supposed to study and analyze the Bitcoin Superstar erfahrung report before considering the platform. Offering the first unsecured crypto financing product, it will also feature a single global benchmark rate for loan pricing, a voluntary Takaful compensation fund, full KYC & AML compliance and proper e-lending documentation in addition to smart contract in order to enforced debt collectibility, furthermore financing will be in various stablecoins to encourage real world usage.

Key Features

Unsecured Financing

       iP2PGlobal Platform will introduce an unsecured cryptocurrency financing product. Based on our own market research, we will be the first cryptocurrency lending platform to provide one.

Shariah Compliant

Financing products are based on Sharia principles, targeting Muslim population of approx. at 2.18 billion. However the platform is open to everybody regardless of creed or religion.

Global Platform & Global Rate

       One single platform to match borrowers and lenders across the globe for p2p personal financing using one global benchmark rate

Takaful Reserve Fund

We provide an option to unsecured lenders to contribute and be protected in a default situation.

AML & KYC Compliance

       We have Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer procedures when we register borrowers and lenders onto our platform in line with best banking practices.

Robust Credit Assessment

We provide robust assessment by combining bank grade credit scoring model with social credit scoring model


Two auction methods will be available: fixed rate auction and variable rate auction.

Legal Protection & Debt Collectibility

We require E-financing agreements to be executed which is a legal document recognise by laws in many countries, recovery process can be initiated if there is a default situation

Video Presentation on Key Features

TWQ Token will be available on Exmarkets Launchpad on the 18th November 2019.


Our Team

Rashdan Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer

Muhammad Radzi

Chief Operations Officer

Afdha Yusof

Chief Marketing Officer

Derek Lee

Head of Business Development

Azli Noor

Head of Legal and Compliance

James Loy

Head of Credit Risk Management

Our Advisors

Dr Ahcene Lahsasna

Azzizi Mohamad Ghazi

Azaraie Mohamad Ghazi

Scott Phillips

Azmin Hassan

Abdul Rahman Ibrahim


Commodity Murabahah Broker

Shariah Advisor

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TWQ Token will be available on both of these Exchangers on 10th December 2019 and also planning to feature on the most trusted Coinbase exchange platform for the people based in the UK. Since Coinbase is one of the most liquid-regulated crypto exchanges in the world, we hope that the use of our currency will increase significantly. So, if you are from the UK, check the Coinbase fees UK to get involved with our token.


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